Free Website Uptime Monitoring using UptimeRobot Service

In this post, I am going to introduce UptimeRobot, a site that lets you monitor your sites' uptime.

My Sites Monitored in UptimeRobot

If your sites' uptime - that your sites are accessible - matter to you, UptimeRobot is what I suggest. UptimeRobot monitors your sites and informs you if any of your sites are down (not accessible), so that you can take action and resolve the problem, if necessary.

Sign up in the site, and you will be able to add upto 50 sites to UptimeRobot to be monitored. UptimeRobot checks your sites every 5 minutes and informs you by Email, SMS, Twitter, or RSS Feed, if any of your sites is down.

My Experience

It is a while now that I use UptimeRobot, and I am very happy with it. No problem till now, and I think the UI is easy to use and good enough.


I have heard a lot of things about uptimerobot but currently I am using and am pretty contented with their service. If ever you want to try another site monitoring service you can check them out.

Thanks for the suggestion Ashley. I will absolutely try it.

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