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Iran Assistance
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"Iran Assistance" is another site made with Drupal. The site is made with Drupal 7.

In "About us" page of Iran Assistance we read:

"Iran assistance is an Assistance company founded in 1992 under 91891 policy number. It started its activities two years before the issued date as an International SOS agent to provide services to its members. As time passed and Iranian members showed interest, Iran assistance started its activity with acceptance of Central Insurance and continued with its activity till today.

Iran assistance is not an insurance company; this company is responsible to present all the risks according to the countries existing laws to insurance companies.Members of Iran assistance are under the insurance coverage of this company. Iran assistance members are under deputyship after signing the membership, so this was they benefit from insurance as well as a wide variety of services provided by this company."

Below is the list of some modules used in the site:


1. About us | Iran Assistance :  (Accessed on December 3, 2012)


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