Dropdown Administration menu - Module Introduction

It is difficult for me to imagine a Drupal site without Administration menu!

Install Administration menu module on your Drupal site to get a dropdown menu for site management - accessing site sections and doing tasks much easier.

Administration menu (Admin menu) is actually a great alternative to Drupal Core's Toolbar module showing top of site pages (when logged in as an admin).

Dropdown Administration menu

A Simple Comparison

To add a "Basic page":

  • Using Drupal's default Toolbar: Click on "Content" in Toolbar, click on "Add content" link in new page, and finally click on "Basic page" --> 3 clicks!
  • Using Admin menu: Hover your mouse on "Content", then "Add content", and finally "Basic page" and click on it --> 2 hovers + 1 click

After Installation

Disable Toolbar and Shortcut modules.

Check out Configure section of Admin module.

Also, install "Administration menu Toolbar style" that comes with admin menu to get a better style.



Great post, I admire the writing style :) A little off topic here but what theme are you using? Looks pretty cool.

Thanks Zara. I use a custom theme designed myself. The public version of it is available to download from here: Drupal Kar Public Theme.

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