Modules Viewed, Searched, and Grouped Better, using Module Filter

One of my favorite Drupal modules is Module Filter, installed before other modules.

By defualt, when you go to Modules page, you see the list of modules grouped together and listed below each other. Having many modules, you very soon understand this way of showing modules is very annoying, specially when you should scroll all the page down to bottom of it to press "Save configuration" button after a change.

Install Module Filter module, and the look and feel of Modules page change:

Searched "email" in Module Filter box in Modules page

After installing Module Filter, each modules group is shown as a Tab. Click on a tab, and you only get the list of modules on that group.

Search feature for the modules is great. For example - as you see in the image above - if you enter "email" keyword in search box, you instantly get the list of modules their name has "email". The options below search box are also great, for example, you can check "Disabled", so that disabled modules do not get listed for you.

As the name suggests, "All" tabs lists all modules for you (alphabetically).

Another great feature of Module Filter is that by enabled "Save dynamic positioning" (in Configure page of module), you no more need to scroll all the way down to bottom of the page to press "Save configuration" button.

As I am writing this post, Module Filter is available for Drupal 6 and Drupal 7.

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