Site Security Check using Security Review Module

Security Review Report

Drupal is a very secure CMS by itself, but it doesn't mean your site made with Drupal will always be secure!

Here comes Security Review to security check your Drupal site again common security problems, and report to you (similar to the image above).

Nothing is 100% in Security Review module. When you get an error red message, it doesn't mean you site have security problem, and vice versa, being all green doesn't mean your site is secure!

After downloading and installing Security Review, go to "Reports" and then "Security review". There you find "Run & review", "Help", and "Settings" tabs.

On "Settings" section you can specify "Untrusted roles", the "Checks to skip", etc.

To run the security check for the first time, open "Run & review" tab and click on "Run checklist" button. Wait for the report to be generated.

At the right hand of each row, click on the "Details" link, to view the details of the message, and probably the solution to errors.

You can also disregard a message by clicking on "Skip" link (changing the row color to blue), if you are sure it won't cause problem.

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